Conferences – 29th and 30th October

Conferences – 29th and 30th October


The International Asparagus Days, a place of sharing and expertise on the sector’s issues


Come to the International Asparagus Days and attend conferences offering an up-to-date overview of agronomical, commercial and technological issues of asparagus cultivation.


Practical Information


Conferences will take place on Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday, October 30th. 

The venue for the conferences is the Salon Loire room in the exhibition hall at the Parc des Expositions d’Angers.


All conferences will be translated by professional interpreters.

Sponsors’ Business Pitches


Come and listen to business pitches by sponsoring companies in a dedicated area, the AGORA. A great opportunity to find out about products and developments in short interactive presentations.


Tuesday, October 29th

All conferences will be translated into French, English and Spanish by professional interpreters.

Systemic approach applied to asparagus production or how to reconcile rerformance and naturalness in treatments?

9.45 - 10.30am - Thierry Picaud - Founding Chairman of Medinbio

It takes more than just looking for equivalent natural solutions to achieve comparable chemistry-free performance. We need a shift in pattern, with measures combining plant nutrition and immunity stimulation as well as a specific intervention plan using precision farming tools. A practical case of soil fungi, stemphylium and beetle management.


Asparagus consumption in France: Current situation and outlook

10.45 - 11.30am - Céline Genty - Director of Asperges de France

Green and white asparagus, places of purchase, presentation etc. What are people’s preferences in France by age group? 


Harvesting white or green asparagus at night: Pros and cons

11.45 - 12.30am - Luis San José - Founding Chairman of Hueta Luis San Jose

There are many advantages to harvesting at night, such as freshness and quality of the asparagus. Packing can also start at dawn with fresh products and known volumes and qualities. Workers also prefer harvesting at night: what does the law have to say on the matter?



Wednesday, October 30th

All conferences will be translated into French, English, Italian and Spanish by professional interpreters.

What type of production for the asparagus sector? Review and panel discussion on conventional, organic and biodynamic farming, zero pesticide residues, High Environmental Value 

10am - 12pm


  • Alfredo ALAVAREZ - Conventional, organic, biodynamic grower, from Hortina, Mexico
  • Gilles BERTRANDIAS - Chairman of the Nouveaux Champs Collective
  • Gilles BOTREL - Director of Direct Production
  • Régis CHEVALLIER - HVE certified producer (SCEA DES SABLES), Member of the Board of the HVE Development Organisation and Director of the FMN (Nantes Vegetable Grower Federation).
  • Philippe LARRERE - Leader of Fermes Larrere
  • Frédéric POUPARD - Chairman of the French, Belgian, Swiss and Malagasy organic Langevine asparagus producers

There are many production opportunities for asparagus growers. To meet these challenges and provide concrete answers, several panelists will be discussing the conditions of organic and biodynamic production but also the constraints and the needs of consumers. 


Tuesday, October 29.

2pm - HUET 2M: Multi-Purpose Ridging Plow > Laurent Chevalier

3pm - Bagioni: New K9 Harvesting Model  / Lithium Batteries in Farming > Aurenzo Bagioni

4pm - ICL: Innovations in Precision Fertilising > Denis Chabassier

5pm - Global Plant Genetics: Official Lunch of The Guelph Equinox Asparagus Crop > Jamie Petchell & Ken Wall


Wednesday, October 30.

2pm - Fleuron d'Anjou: Presentation by the company

3pm - Planasa: Planasa, An Asparagus-Themed History > Mathieu Marsais & Julien Rocherieux

4pm - Hermeler: HMF’s Latest Products > Thomas Hermeler


Please find below the presentations of the conferences held during the International Asparagus Days

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